Automation for network


Ansible on network world


Ansible (Python)

Replay of Ansible presentation made by Francois 

Ansible tutorial
Network automation with ansible

First configuration of network devices

Zero Touch Provisioning

ZTP overview

Network definition language

looks a lot like cmdb light, same approach to config and design generation language defines objects and comiled to fill db they generate complete templates  
Robotron top down network management at facebook scale

Talk 2: Wedge100 + Backpack: From the Leaf to the Spine Zhiping Yao + Xu Wang, Facebook

Other tools (not Ansible)




[napalm automation](
[Napalm @spotify on Github](

More for DevOps Chef (ruby)

[Puppet]( (not used @Criteo)

Python for Network


Criteo Tools for network diff between 2 configuration files (Cisco/Arista) :  

Why use Docker / Ansible in front of Puppet / Chef :  

# Monitoring / Graphs

* Time series DB

* Front-end
[Elastic kibana](

# Virutalenv (VM/libvirt/container/…)

If you want to test some apps/stuff you can use one of this « tools »

- Docker : [](
- Virtualenv : (more for dev) [](
- Vagrant : (more for dev) [](

# Other


## Videos and presentations

Storm usage at Criteo: [](

Youtube Network Automation and Programmability Abstracation Layer [](

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@34:47 you will find Steve Feldman.

The only feldman I know is him ?

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Blog : [](

# Tools for DEV


# Tools


# A Trier:


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