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I try to add section between network/devops/systems stuff
Links on official content, Tutorial, interesting blog
All are used @Criteo if not indicated
Most of this tools could be found on github

Looking Glass net

Network – BGP on TOR – L3 design spine and leaf


prefix list automation (Not used @Criteo yet)
Google new network design :

2’22’’ to 2’54’’

-La prez au nanog sur les presentations don’t je vous ai parlé, faites pas attention au gars a 16’59’’ qui est arrivé en retard à la conf…

-Celle-là est pas mal aussi dans les videos connexes proposées, c’est pratiquement la meme prez que j’ai vu chez Arista par le même mec.
-LoadBalancer : Replay of a meetup



More Network

Sort of NoNo @FB
network definition language
looks a lot like cmdb light, same approach to config and design generation
language defines objects and comiled to fill db
they generate complete templates 2: Wedge100 + Backpack: From the Leaf to the Spine Zhiping Yao + Xu Wang, Facebook

Use of yang / openconfig

Presentation of openconfig with a demo on Juniper:

Ansible (Python) :
Ansible presentation made by Francois (Ex collegue @Criteo):

(Not used @Criteo ):

-Napalm : (Not used @Criteo yet) :
Napalm @Spotify:

More DevOps

Chef: ruby
Puppet : (not used @Criteo)

Python for Network
-Criteo Tools for network diff between 2 configuration files (Cisco/Arista) :

-Pourquoi docker/ansible par rapport a puppet/chef :

Monitoring / Graphs

-Time series DB:
OpenTSDB :
Grafana frontend :
Kibana :
ElasticSearch :

**Virutal env (VM/libvirt/container/…) :
If you want to test some apps/stuff you can use one of this « tools »
Docker :
Virtualenv : (more for dev)
Vagrant : (more for dev)


@34:47 you will find Steve Feldman, that’s my previous company colleague 🙂
The only feldman I know is him 😀

**DC Google en carton :

**Blog :

**A Trier:

— DEV —


** Tutos + Infos
Help on Git
And on this blog: Article de blog: Utilisation de git

Scripts a la con Hacks&co

**Security & Exlpoits
Browser exploit framework :

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